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Like many companies, Bloom Host needed to update their back and front-end solutions to meet the growing demand of customers' expectations. They chose MNTS for the job.

Marketing website service page


Marketing website homepage

Our work with Bloom only begins at their updated and more consistent branding. Their new website was created with some smart engineering and feedback from customers. The end result is a simpler to navigate and manage website for both Bloom staff and customers, with improved infrastructure and WHMCS integrations to ensure high customer demands are met. Plus, the website is super fast and has 90%+ scores on Lighthouse, the website audit tool trusted by Google and others.

A before and after for the branding. It might not look like much at a first glance, but we cleaned up the logo, vectorized it (mathemtically perfected it), and gave it a fresh coat of paint with beautiful gradients and vivid color.


The website uses all the best practices to ensure the website is optimized for search engines and looks great even before you open it. This is why it has near perfect Lighthouse auditing tool scores from Google.

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June–July, 2021
Project Manager
Mantas Vilčinskas
Mantas Vilčinskas
Mantas Vilčinskas
Chris Verringer
Inter, Montserrat
  • Branding refresh
  • Web design (mockups)
  • Website development from mockup
  • Website integration with WHMCS
  • Website infrastructure consulting