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“We've come back to Mantas time and time again for very good reason. His design skills are stellar, and he really works with us to make sure we get exactly what we want with zero compromises. Working with Mantas is a completely different experience compared to other developers and designers. I would and do recommend Mantas to everyone I know who needs web development or any design work.”

Samuel Levy
Former Operations Lead, ByteAnia (2021)

“Mantas is a class web developer and designer. He has created us everything from web pages, logos, banners, wall art, posters to merchandise designs. He consistently demonstrates his ability to provide a high standard of service on a daily basis. We use Mantas on a weekly basis to provide us with graphics, he provides input for all my commissions ensuring that I always get a finished product that suits our needs. Working with Mantas is a unique experience, he is likely the best freelancer I've ever worked with.”

Jack Guild
Current Managing Director, ByteAnia (2022)


ByteAnia uses calm and somewhat unique shades of blue closer to purple than the usual blue. And not just one blue! Gradients are a powerful way to achieve this look. Here, take a look at this ad with the standard ByteAnia stripe design.


Of course, darker blues look great with this spaced out text for this bit of advertising showing off the bare metal and power of ByteAnia offerings. Feel free to download this wallpaper by clicking on it.

Merch Screenshot
Merch Screenshot
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