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RabbitNode is a U.S. hosting company, primarily known for web & Minecraft hosting, that incorporated in March of 2017. Prior to joining, the CEO of the company told me “we’re still small, but we want to grow at a nice pace,” and that was when I knew I wanted to join.

I was the Chief Brand Officer at RabbitNode for 10 months, joining in the autumn of 2017, and in that period got promoted twice; previously being the Chief Design Officer & Head of Web & Design. I was upper management and helped to build up a lot of the important elements at RabbitNode. In the summer of 2018, I made the decision to resign, but I still hold a special place for RabbitNode in my heart, as it was one of my first “jobs,” granting me valuable experience.

In my short tenure, I pretty much reworked all the public facing elements of the company: the branding, the website, the social media, the tone that was used to communicate with customers, alongside some internal changes. While I can’t show you all of the things I did, these are some especially memorable efforts:

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