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We ask our clients to pay for blocks of time (hours) upfront typically. What that means is a website may be estimated to take 30 hours in total, but you only need to pay for 10 first and this way you can test to see if our work is what you are looking for. If not, you can cancel and receive a refund for any unworked time. Also, if the project goals and/or scope changes, it's easy to pay for a few more hours. This strategy is used by other luxury design studios also.

You can also see industry rates for professional web developers and designers here.

Graphic Design, Mockups & Prototypes (Figma), Web Development, Branding

These are prices for unmanaged websites
Average project price
250—1250 EUR

Hourly rate
30—50 EUR / hr

Third party SSG lifetime free hosting setup

Document Templates

For example, restaurant menus and PowerPoint templates for small businesses, especially those affected by COVID-19
Discount rate
from 25 EUR / hr

Sold separately

Mentorship & Tutoring, Video Editing & Animation, Copywriting

These services are in limited supply and/or demand
Mentoring and motion design
from 35 EUR / hr

from €0.05 per word
Get lifetime free hosting with a new site and more
One of the most popular services is web development and design, as well as setup for lifetime free web hosting (if technical requirements permit it) courtesy of our partners. But whatever you may need, you can receive a free consultation with a quote.